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Chelsea Anderson
My husband and I just found our first home and our realtor was the one who picked Your Inspection Pros for us. We couldnt be happier! Parrish was VERY thorough in his inspection! He told us the ins and outs of the whole house. He even taught us how and when to do maintenance on EVERYTHING. The report that he sends after the inspection is very helpful as well with pictures and comments about all that he found. Needless to say, we are very happy with his services! The seller may have a different story, but we loved him!

Monyka Arnoldus
Parrish did an amazing job in inspecting my first home. He taught me things to help keep my home maintained as well. He was very friendly and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is needing a home inspection. He is also very gadget friendly and the inspection report was very reader friendly.

Jane Collette
Parrish Kunkel did a thorough, exhaustive inspection of the house I am trying to buy. He took the time to show me all of the issues and explain everything to me. He was friendly and professional. I was very pleased.
Bob Wood
Parrish was very professional and had a lot of good tips for, to improve our new property. I felt that all of the components of the home were thoroughly tested. All components, working or needing improvement, were explained in a very understandable way. He used an infrared camera to find, inspect, and explain problem areas in the house. This is a great technology that finds issues that other inspectors might miss.

Carsten White
Parrish was not only very friendly but he was able to answer all of the questions that I had about the home. I would recommend him to my friends and family!
Rebecca Parker Searle
Parrish is very through and knowledgeable with the home inspections. We were extremely pleased with the high quality inspection followed by an extensive report. I would highly recommend Your Inspection Pros to anyone who is purchasing their next home.

Dale Austin
Direct and honest. He didn’t just tell us what we wanted to hear about a house, he showed us what we needed to know. Would use him again in a moment!
Ann Jackson
Parrish came very highly recommended and he did not disappoint. He was very professional and personable as well. I was very pleased with his thorough inspection and detailed report.

C Bunt
My girlfriend and I were out on the market to purchase our first home. We had several prospects that we were doing due diligence on and we had Parrish come out to look at two of them for us. After getting a better idea of what was under the hood, we had Parrish conduct a radon test just out of curiosity. To our surprise, the tests actually came back positive, but was not affected enough to fully recommend mitigation. So we were very thankful that Parrish was able to properly test the home and give his recommendation/input on what was found. One of the things that helped us the most was the electronic copy of the inspection that is delivered at the end of the service, which comes in handy for negotiation with sellers, and also to help organize repairs that need to be made. This report is sharable, informative (pics + text), and convenient. From start to finish, Parrish was an exceptional Home Inspector and could have not done a better job. He genuinely cared about us and was always looking out for our best interests. We are more than appreciative for everything Parrish did. Summary: After this experience, we will without a doubt use Parrish’s services for our future needs, as well as highly recommend him to friends and family. We not only gained a great Home Inspector, but a friend as well. Needless to say, my girlfriend and I are now living in our new home in Murray and couldn’t be happier.
McK Ro
Parrish was amazing. The three reasons I initially went with him were 1. Reasonable price of they inspection 2. Awesome Google reviews, 3. Use of an infrared camera included in the inspection. When we arrived he greeted us like we were old friends with a huge smile and handshake. He then proceeded to take us around and show us what he had found with the inspection. This took an additional hour on top of the 2 hours he had already been there. He was very knowledgeable and patient as I (as a first-time home buyer) asked many many questions and double checked that he had found the same problems I had found. He was very thorough and went as far as to even tell me the age of the appliances, how much longer life they had and even gave information about where to find warranties, etc. On top of this all, the infrared camera was included in our service for no additional cost. He took us around and showed us the places we were concerned about water damage and went over it with the camera again to put Me at ease. I would DEFINITELY recommend him again!

David Rojas
Parrish is a super cool guy. He was prompt, thorough in his inspection of the house, and clear and direct in communicating his findings.
Devin Robison
Parrish was very informative and helpful. He made sure to explain any and all findings he came up with. ( Good and Bad ) He did not push for us to pay for any extra services his company may offer. While going through the review of the property I felt like I had his full attention. I felt like i could ask all of the questions i wanted and did not feel rushed in between them. To sum up, I would suggest using this company. Very informative and very helpful!

Tyler Limb
My realtor recommended Your Inspection Pros and Parrish came out for my inspection. He was super friendly and pointed out areas that the last inspector missed. He was very approachable and informative. Would definitely recommend to anybody looking for a home inspection!!!
Greg Finnegan
It started with a Red Vine at our realtor’s office (couldn’t pass it up after two solid days of looking at prospective houses, and grabbed their business card while I was at it). We are buying a home remotely (from Oregon) and they were prompt and more than flexible in setting an inspection date. The sample report on their website looked very professional and thorough and our report was the same – full of photos pointing out (thankfully, mostly minor) issues. Parrish went above and beyond the call of duty by performing a remote video walkthrough of his findings (our realtor – callout – Kristy Bailey, served as the videographer). And to top it off, their rates are very reasonable. Highly recommend Your Inspection Pros.

Miguel Munevar
Parrish, have meet and exceeded my expectations time after time. This is the third property I do with him and I was as satisfied as I was before. He provides a good value for his work. There are cheaper and more expensive home inspectors out there, but after a few experiences and phone calls I realized he offers a good value for you money. thanks
Joe Doporto
Parrish was our inspector and the experience was great. I actually was very happy in deciding to do a home inspection with the company and they did an amazing job. Very thorough and detailed with everything and very easy to get along with. The price was great as well! I would recommend to anyone looking for a home inspection!

Amy Colby
Professional, friendly, thorough. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Ruth Strain
You were very thorough, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. We appreciated all the things that you pointed out and helped us feel good about our decision to buy the house. If we ever needed it again, we would call you.

A.K. Pendrey
Parrish was an INCREDIBLE Inspector! He did an incredibly thorough job explaining absolutely everything I could think of and more! He was recommended to me through someone else, and I was skeptical, but the inspection was 1st class. He was very patient with all of my questions and definitely made me feel comfortable with my understanding. If I ever need any type of inspections done, he will be the one I go to. I very highly recommend his services. I’ll be referring all of my friends and family to Parrish.
Toni Symes
Parrish & Lisa are awesome. Parrish did my personal home inspection and was very detailed and helpful, so as a Realtor, I refer him to my clients now. He is on time and done by the time the clients meet for the walk through. I will defiantly refer him again. Thanks Parrish & Lisa 🙂

Laurel Mahas
Parrish was recommended to me by my realtor. He seemed competent and thorough. His inspection report was detailed, complete with maintenance instructions. He caught an important flaw in the construction of the house and mentioned a few minor issues as well.
frank lovato
awesome! our inspector was very thorough with the house, very comfortable with the report!

Nathan Halling
Parrish did the home inspection on my and my wife’s first home. He explained everything perfectly and was very thorough. Even brought up a few extras that neither myself or our agent had thought of. Very professional, got along just fine. Would use on any home I ever buy.
Nick Wallace
Parrish, has done three different properties for me and I have been completely satisfied with his work every time. He is very knowledgeable and detail oriented with what he does. I highly recommend him for a home inspection.

Laurel Cunningham
Parrish was very knowledgeable and did a great job! I’d recommend him to anyone.
I’m glad we choose to go with Parrish Kunkel for our Inspection. He was very professional and would recommend him to my Family & Friends. He’s given us various ways to improve certain things in the home, his report is awesome. Thanks Parrish!

Adena Mitchell
Great experience. Parrish explained things in terms that I understood and addressed all my concerns concisely. Highly recommend.